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Uncover the Hidden Job Market

In the MBA career search, there are countless online channels through which MBA students and professionals can find prospective job and internship opportunities. In addition to both their own personal networking and their MBA program’s campus recruiting, most MBAs are familiar with and have experience using the major job search engines, such as Monster, CareerBuilder and Yahoo! HotJobs, to identify opportunities of interest. However, many MBAs have found these search engines to be disappointing and unfruitful due to the abundance of irrelevant results. Also, job seekers must visit all three search engines in addition to any other channels that they use separately in order to maximize their opportunities. This can be quite wasteful of a job seeker’s valuable time and energy.

There have been a number of recent job search engines that have stepped up to resolve this issue. Based on personal experience and the feedback of real MBAs, Indeed.com and LinkUp.com are considered some of the most effective job search engines on the web today.

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Brand Management Careers: Beat the Catch-22

Brand management is one of the most popular career tracks for job seekers pursuing opportunities in marketing, especially MBA students, which therefore makes it one of the most competitive. Despite the fact that brand management tends to attract top candidates, many of these job seekers find themselves facing an interesting Catch-22. All of these job and internship seekers unfortunately discovered the Catch-22 of brand management career search and found themselves all seeking an answer to the same question: How do you acquire the initial brand management experience necessary to successfully pursue more brand management opportunities when no one will give you the opportunity to gain that initial experience?

While there is not one answer to this question, here are some simple ways that job seekers, especially, MBAs, can work to beat this Catch-22.

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Find Your Job with LinkedIn

One of the most powerful weapons of the career search in today’s job market is LinkedIn. There is so much you can do on LinkedIn, and while it is not the only effective tool available to you in your career search, it really deserves some of your time, attention and investment as it integrates all of your career search efforts and can really help you be more effective and productive in the other important areas. Here are five ways to use LinkedIn to optimize your career search and find your dream job.

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VisualCV: Pioneer of Resume 2.0

With the majority of our general communications and job application processes taking place online, the paper resume, or what can be called Resume 1.0, has essentially become antiquated and obsolete. VisualCV is the online resume that is pioneering Resume 2.0.

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Wanted - A New Generation of Environmental Leaders

{mosimage}“Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution [to climate change.]”

Al Gore, Nobel Prize Winner and 45th Vice President of the United States

Do you want to be part of the solution to Climate Change? There has been a massive increase in media coverage and awareness of climate change over the last few years.  What we now need is leadership that will turn our awareness and anxiety into the will to take action, and then follow through with long-term solutions. At every level, from communities and businesses to national governments and the United Nations, we need leaders more than at any time in our history.  Environmental Leadership is the most important element in confronting the urgent challenge of Climate Change. 

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