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RetirementJobs.com Unveils Age-Friendly Employer Certification Program

RetirementJobs.com has launched the RetirementJobs.com Age Friendly Employer Certification Program. RetirementJobs.com's Certification Program is an initiative designed to help identify and expand the number of employers that maintain policies, practices and programs consistent with employment of people age 50 and older based solely on their proficiency, qualifications and contribution, and on terms and conditions comparable to younger individuals. Further, Certification indicates an employer's recognition of the value of age 50+ workers, as well as its commitment to take affirmative action in providing meaningful employment, development opportunities, and competitive pay and benefits. Examples of employers who've earned RetirementJobs.com Age Friendly Employer Certification include national brands like H&R Block, Marriott, Staples and REI. "The RetirementJobs.com Certification Program streamlines the process of connecting older employees with employers who'll value their experience, addressing the needs of both parties simultaneously" said Robert Skladany, VP of research and certification. "Our certification program essentially fuses the principles of consumer reports with a job board: a codification to label any and all employers that can prove themselves as age-friendly."
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