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51job, Inc. Records 16.2 Percent Q1 Revenue Increase

51job, Inc., a provider of integrated recruitment services in China, has reported first quarter revenues of $26 million, a 16.2 percent increase compared to revenues of $21.5 million the prior year. Net income increased 21.3 percent over Q1 2006 to $4.2 million. Executive search revenues for the quarter decreased 23.7 percent to $0.5 million due to fewer candidate search assignments. Rick Yan, president and chief executive officer, said: ''We are pleased with our first quarter performance, especially in light of the late Chinese New Year holiday. 'Our objectives remain focused on executing an aggressive sales and marketing strategy to acquire new customers and investing to enhance our product offerings and user interface. We believe these initiatives will further allow us to deliver sustainable growth and profitability over the longer term.”
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