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Reduce Risk of Bad Hires with New Candidate Potential Report

Free Trial of Validated Job Candidate Selection Tool Until August 31. Summary: Personality tests for job candidates are an excellent defense against the risk of bad hires because they help assess the difficult question of "job fit." Performance Programs, Inc., a leading distributor of employee personality tests, announces that it can now help smaller businesses use the new Candidate Potential Report from Hogan Assessment Systems.

Old Saybrook, CT (PRWEB) June 28, 2007 -- Employee personality testing is rapidly becoming a best practice for companies interested in selecting high-caliber employees and managing talent. Personality tests are an excellent defense against the risk of bad hires because they help assess the difficult question of "job fit." It is often challenging for smaller businesses to implement employee personality testing, however, due to the need for formal job analysis and local validation studies.

Performance Programs, Inc., a leading distributor of the Hogan Personality Inventory, can now help those businesses use the new Candidate Potential Report Series (CPR). Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) has a successful 30-year track record in predicting employee performance and helping companies improve bottom-line business results by reducing turnover, absenteeism, shrinkage, and poor customer service.* The new Candidate Potential Report is designed for organizations hiring fewer than 80 people per year across different job titles. CPR helps employers by providing an immediate candidate rating of "high," "medium" or "low" job fit.*

Employers using Candidate Potential Reports do not need to conduct local validation studies. The reports are valid and legally defensible. Contact Performance Programs for details about minimum user qualifications and certification.

Employers who wish to try the new Candidate Potential Reports before August 31, 2007, can obtain three reports at no charge. If they continue using the reports after that date, there is a one-time fee of $400 to set up an account and $50 per report thereafter.

Performance Programs is a human resources consulting firm with expertise in psychometrics for the workplace. The company has assisted hundreds of employers of all types and sizes worldwide since 1987 with employee personality testing, 360 feedback, employee surveys, leadership assessments, work-life balance surveys, cross-cultural assessments, and more. Call 1-800-565-4223 for more information.

Hogan Certification Seminars: Performance Programs is an authorized certification provider for Hogan personality tests, including the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and Motivation, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI). PPI will hold three Hogan certification seminars in 2007, including Friday, July 27th, Thursday, October 4th, and Friday, December 7th, in the Old Saybrook, CT area. Please view the Hogan Assessments Certification agenda and register online or call Sonya Hamilton at 1-800-565-4223.

** Background information on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and Candidate Potential Report**

Hogan Personality Inventory is published by Hogan Assessment Systems of Tulsa, OK. All Hogan products are grounded in 30+ years of research and have scientifically-based predictive power. Their tests are in use by organizations of all types and sizes worldwide.

The seven job families on which the Candidate Potential Report is based include Service and Support, Administrative and Clerical, Technicians and Specialists, Operations and Trades, Sales and Customer Relations, Professionals, Managers and Executives. CPR is based on seven job families that capture more than 95% of jobs in the economy.

The HPI was the first Five-Factor personality inventory developed specifically for the business community and, through an ongoing program of research and development, the HPI continues to maintain an industry-leading position.



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